Monday, April 27, 2009

Patsy Marley

There are a couple of a stories floating around out there as to how the Patsy Marley Peak got its name. Some say Patsy was a well-known madame amongst the early Alta miners. Others say Patsy was an Irish bare-knuck brawler who owned a pub in Grizzly Gulch. Either way its fun to think about how crazy those old mining days must have been when the town of Alta's population swelled to more than 8,000 mountain hardened souls.

Dalt, Dustin and I met at the LCC p.a.r. around 5:00. We were looking for high elevation, north facing with a short approach. Enter the mistress. The climb was very nice. We had some fun steep skinning at the top near the cornices. We had enough time for two runs. Dalt on his second run.
Then follwed by me. Nice high-speed floaters. Thanks to Dustin for the shots.

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  1. Did you get a run skiing down the cornice? The one in the phot looks like a good one, however perhaps it isn't steep enough.

    Popping up and down, bursting through walls of soft snow and feeling the thrill of extreme gravity shifts is one of the more pleasing experiences in life.


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