Saturday, February 21, 2009

From Rookie to Sophomore

Saturday Skiday. I knew that we needed to start this one early if everybody was going to get theirs in. I met Dalt at bbcoa at 4:40, Butlers by 5:02. Forgot to check the temp, but not too anything. Our goals were to be on top of Circleawl before dawn, take one or two runs in the trees, and be home by 8:30. Skinning up the gully was a little hairball, steep icy sections and narrow river crossing, but very nice. Where the canyon opens, we went left up to the saddle (the whole time eyeing the soft pow tree runs for the decent). From the saddle we skinned up the ridge to Circleawl Peak. When we got there, I noticed the slope headed south. It was baked, wind-blown concrete. I took one ski off, stripped the skin and put the ski back on the ground. (some may not have noticed, but I just made a rookie mistake). Before I knew it, I nudged the ski (which was still in uphill mode, so the break doesn't engage) and down it went. To our horror, we watched it go on down, make a few turns, pickup some speed and disappear over the ridge. Once it was gone from sight we could still hear it skipping over the ice 500-600 ft below. We stood there in shock as the sun came up over 10,420.

I booted down to the ridge it had gone over, but did not see where the ski had gone. I went back up, got my other ski, and we descended to the south in search mode. About 500 ft down, there it was intact.

So I snagged it, we traversed around the mountain to the north side, saw how nice the trees were going to be, checked our time, switched to uphill, skinned up to take every bit of vert we could, and had some great tree skiing.

We were buzzing as we got down to the home-run. So as we came down across the 18 inch wide river crossing I was no worries, full jedi (Dalt as well) . But as we came to the second crossing I snagged a tip and went head on into the river. I was hanging by my skis. I looked up to see the urgency in Dalt's demeanor, which then caused me great alarm. After a long 10 seconds or so, I was able to get my skis off and Dalt hauled me out of the river (no photos provided) . Full-soak, the truck wasn't far. We were home by 8:30. Mission accomplished.

The kiddos had cousin night at in Ogden, so we were off to pick them up and go for a day at Snowbasin by 9:30. Blue-bird full parking lot type of day. Got a great table with Jed, O-Dog, Mr. Miles, (see video at Gary, and Reilly. We chatted with the usual Ogden/Basin suspects, and got some unbelievable runs from Elle and Talin. Notice the princess pose.

We were able to get Ava on with us for a few runs as well. The first time we took her on the lift, as we gained elevation Ava took a deep breath and held on like a spider monkey. But once we started to ski she was all about it. Mindy looks like a James Bond girl.

At the start of the day I was still harnessing Talin and we were sporting the edgy-wedgy. (see video at By the end of the day he was definatly a Sophomore. I however remain a Rookie.

Listen for the Whoa-hoo at 39 secs.

Little A

Little A