Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back at it

"You can not cross a chasm with two small steps... at some point you must make a leap." Author Unknown

I love to document things and make records. Sometimes its useless information like how many glasses of water I drink in a week, but it at least keeps me moving forward. This year I am going to track the number of ski days I can get with my kids. We have already gone water skiing 16 times, now that the snow ski season is coming up I am looking to hit the 16 mark as well.

So that I stay young and continue to add gray hairs, this winter I am going to get as many kids ages 4-8 to Solitude every Saturday and most friday afternoons. My theory is that if I can grow a little batch of ski buddies for my kids they will get it deep in their bones so that when I am really old I will still have some little ski buddies coming through the ranks.

So if you have or know of any 4-8 year olds that can reasonably get around by themselves on the mountain let me know. I will take them and moderatelty supervise them. All I require is parents permission to use my unorthodox, yet high effective techniques. If you need references regarding my techniques, you best not inquire. Otherwise, lets have a go. See you on the slopessss!

Little A

Little A