Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hello LCC - Scotties Bowl

A huge morning. Most of the morning tours Dalt and I have made this year have been in Big Cottonwood Canyon and were in the 1,200 vertical ft range. The approach usually consists of some mellow angles up a drainage and then a steeper climb to the ridge or peak. This morning we hit Scotties Bowl in LCC. For those of you that have been there you know that you get out of the car and within 2 minutes you are on a 35 degree + slope for about 2500 vertical feet. Add to that, we were with the fast as, super-steep trail-breaking freak Dustin. Rolling into work at 8:30 I was spent.

We we gained the ridge, negotiated some enormous cornices, and hit the peak. The top was very steep. The new snow did not bond well with the base and caused some pretty significant sluffing. I had an equipment malfunction (I'm sticking to that story since once I got my ski back, it had released with out the binding popping. Still a rookie mistake, I admit, but I would rather be a rookie binding adjuster than a rookie skier). I took a little ride down a chute of sorts and completely lost one ski. After about 15 minutes of digging around Dalt honed in and saved the day. The mini-regrowth pines provided and bit of depth perception in the middle of the run for some the best turns of the day. A great morning. Shout out to Dustin for the top photo.


  1. Dunyon, to be quite honest, your blogs make me jealous. I would love to be snorkling in unspoiled powder and hiking through rugged terrain. However, due to prohibiting factors, all I can do is dream.

    I tell you this because I believe you want to gain more readership. You are a prolific writer, but your content is not for everyone. If others are like me, they wouldn't be inspired to come back and get another dose of 'look how much fun I'm having, you are missing out.' I suspect the bulk of your readers consist of those who participated in the particular event.

    My suggestion is, adopt a more philisophical tone to your blogs, perhaps even controversial. In addition to, or in lieu of, relating the physical activity, express the life examining thoughts you had during the event or thereafter. This way we will get to see who the true Dunyon is.....and allow us to post scathing comments(tehe).

    PS. I liked the rookie-skier snippet.


  2. Peme,
    Thanks for the post. You are right. Just the other day I was wrestling with the thought of this blog as being over-indulgent and boastful. I trust you know that this is not my intention (as readership is nice but not the purpose). Your point is well taken and will be considered in future posts.

    The themes of philosophy are: understanding the fundamental principles of the universe; explaining it in an economical way; the challenge of reconciling changes in the natural universe, with the possibility of obtaining certain knowledge about it; questions about things which cannot be perceived by the senses; the nature of the "good life" and the importance of understanding it in order to pursue it. As I post with these principles in mind, readership will most likely increase.

    As for the controversial... next time I see you I am going to get naked, hurl some highly politically incorrect phrases at you, and wrestle you into submission.


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